Professionals across all domains have hijacked human knowledge, and use fear and uncertainty to hold it to ransom. Sure certain technologies pose a hazard to personal safety, and to the community at large. Most people however want to get on with their lives with out interference and obstruction by others: society is the technology we have mutually adopted to achieve this end. Society is held together, and public health, safety and welfare are provided for and protected by laws. In the main as a society we oppose a dictictorial: aristocracy, bureaucracy, technocracy and meritocracy. We tend to seek the freedom to make our own mistakes. Problems arise when our mistakes affect others, involve others to solve the problem, or otherwise seek to hold others responsible for our mistakes. Our laws therefore typically permit the freedom to act, but there is an expectation that the individual exercise a “duty-of-care” to themselves and the community. If not then there are reponsibilities to be shouldered and penalties to be paid. Excercising the “duty-of-care” requires researching and making use of the knowledge held by society, by humanity.

When things go wrong the typical questions to be answered are:

What is the typical persons expectation from such action? What is societies expectation? What is the future expectations of the individual and of society faced with a similar situation?

The law looks to societies documented knowledge, in the form of national standards, codes of practice, regulations and then to the technical and scientific literature. Ultimately the guidance of an expert may be sought. However the acceptability of something is always a matter of subjective judgement. Acceptability cannot be proven only accepted. The thing which can be demonstrated is that given an expected performance, the proposed system was never going to achieve such performance.

There is one problem however and that is the expected performance set by society is actually set by individuals on committees. These individuals either set the performance requirements too low or higher than necessary. This deviates from the expectation of no interference by others in our way of life.

Whilst some of these regulations are simply imposed because some people simply wish to exercise power over others, in the main the regulations are imposed because people typically fail to exercise a duty-of-care and fail to take personal responsibility for their actions.

Society is a technology, laws are a technology, technology does not just relate to machines, it concerns all the tools and techniques we adopted to live our lives. Many of our technologies deprive us of individual freedom, and create a dependence on limited resources held by others. Those who hold the resources exercise power over us and control us.

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